Why Some People Have Higher Risk of Being A Drug Addict

Addiction is a complex disease, touching people of all age groups, intellectual capacities, and backgrounds. It’s difficult to tell what makes some people more prone to addiction than others. There are typically many factors that come into play. Family life, stress levels, personality, and genetics are often the main culprits.


Major Risk Factors For Substance Abuse


Some of the major risk factors, listed on the National Institute on Drug Abuse, include mental health disorders, a troubled childhood or home life, socializing with people who do drugs, and a person’s genetics. However, many are surprised to find out that some people have a higher risk of becoming a drug addict than others. White people, those with a higher IQ, and those who have behavior disorder like ADHD or bipolar disorder, often are the first to seek treatment through drug rehab.


Breaking Down The Numbers


Age is a big factor with drug issues. Those between the ages between 18-24 are more likely to use and abuse drugs. Also, it is important to note that men are more likely to use drugs than women. It has been the topic of many debates that young African American males are arrested for drug crimes at a higher rate than the white male. While these statistics are alarming, they are not always true. While African Americans may be arrested more often, Caucasian Americans actually abuse more drugs. In 2012, a study found that those with Native American descent had the highest chance of developing a drug problem. Breaking the numbers down, about nine percent of Caucasians use drugs, nine percent of African Americans, and Asian Americans account for about three and a half percent of the population.


Children Of Drug Users Are At A Higher Risk


Addiction recovery is a long and hard road. Yet, many children who watch their parents go through this process are unmoved. The National Institute of Health found that children who have a parent that abused drugs are 45-79 percent more likely to becoming a user. Using this data, it is easy to see that addiction must have genetic roots. Could alcohol and drug addictions be inherited diseases? There are environmental factors that have contributed to the addition as well. The child’s family and the way they were raised have significant influence.


The Strong Ties To Mental Illness


Ask any drug rehab center, and you will find that many of their patients suffer from mental health disorders. Those who are depressed, have bipolar, or another mental illness are more likely to have a substance abuse issue. For some, it is street drugs, while others turn to prescription medications. Many people don’t like the side effects of the medications given to treat their conditions. Another reason is that people don’t have insurance to get their condition properly treated. Self-medication is a dangerous path that often leads to stronger and more dangerous drugs.


The Smartest People Make The Dumbest Mistakes


Most people would say that a high school dropout is more likely to become the drug addict. However, this stereotype is not true. Some of the smartest people in the world turn to drugs and alcohol. Often we find that lawyers, school teachers, doctors, bankers, and others with high -stress careers, are often the ones who turn to substances. It’s the stress of these jobs that send people over the edge. They try to cope the only way they know how.


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