Which Addiction Recovery Option is Right for Me?

Alcohol addiction and substance abuse not only affect the addicted individual, but they affect the friends and family as well. Uncontrolled dependency over alcohol or excessive use of a drug or more substances lead to various major social issues including drugged driving, violence, stress as well as child abuse. It also can lead to can lead to homelessness, crime as well as work or problems with keeping a job and affects the unborn babies too.

Free-Standing Residential Addiction Recovery Centers:

Free-standing residential addiction recovery centers are the units especially dedicated to treat clients struggling from drug abuse or alcohol addiction. The clients are given a 24-hours care under the thorough observation of a team of skilled professionals. The treatments programs are tailored as per the type and severity of an addiction, in order to get free from drug dependency in an easier way.


Hospital Based Rehabilitation Unit:

These are the rehabilitation units developed inside the advanced and hi-technology hospitals. The clients are assisted with the therapies and 12-step meetings to make the clients able to live their normal life without being dependant on alcohol or any other substance.

Extended Residential Treatment:

These programs are designed for the clients who have been at a rehab centre but haven’t experienced the desired improvements. Such clients are provided additional care and attention in order to speed up the pace of their improvement. Usually, extended residential treatment lasts for 90 days but can be extended if someone needs to.

Outpatient Recovery Options:

Outpatient Programs are designed for the clients who are not comfortable living in an unfamiliar environment far from their family members. Such clients are treated during the day and can get home at night. At americandrugtestingcenters.com, the clients are offered different programs in which they can reside at their home but are supposed to visit the rehab center for treatment on fixed appointments.

Day Hospital Treatment Programs:

Partial Hospital or Day Treatment Programs are better known as a higher level outpatient addiction treatment. Programs like these require clients to meet for approximately 4 hours, 5 or 7 days a week. The long hour consultation as well as treatment focus on the overall development of the clients and help them to prevent from the possibilities of re-addiction.

Therapeutic Communities

Therapeutic communities are a group-based, participative to treat alcohol addiction, drug abuse or behavior disorders, have been used for more than four decades. The clients with substance use disorders are treated by the adults that have successfully modified to treat a client, after recovering from alcohol addiction or drug abuse. The 12-step meetings including alcohol anonymous strengthen the willpower of clients in order to help them get rid an addiction faster.