Employees of Florida State Attorney Fired for Bachelorette Party Drug Abuse

Several employees of the Florida State Attorney’s office have been fired in the wake of a bachelorette party fueled by illicit substances. According to local Florida newspaper the Orlando Sentinel, the six women were dismissed on January 20th. The six women refer to themselves as “the Squad,” and they were fired to either using drugs or for observing coworkers using drugs and failing to report the abuse. After an official internal investigation was conducted, the six employees were dismissed by State Attorney Aramis Ayala.

The six women traveled from Florida to New Orleans in September of 2016 to take part in the bachelorette party. According to reports, the women had hidden Adderall and cocaine inside a yellow rubber ducky, out of which they then snorted the powdered substance. In addition, they smoked marijuana out of a water bong constructed out of a Gatorade bottle. Apparently, the bride-to-be’s fiance found out about the drug abuse, resulting in a breakup of the couple. The newly single woman began dating a new boyfriend, but when she told him about the part, she apparently didn’t take into account that he was a drug agent, who promptly reported her and the other women to the State Attorney’s Office.

Two of the women fired were attorneys, while the remaining four had been victim advocates for the State Attorney’s office. Ayala explained that she believed that employees of the State Attorney’s Office should be held to a higher standard, and declared that the Squad were people who “should not be working” for the Florida State Attorney’s Office.

Not every member of the Squad had actually engaged in substance abuse. Some of them were simply present when it was occurring. However, these employees were still fired for failing to be forthcoming and insubordination. Although the women fired did attempt to appeal the decision, Ayala was not willing to reconsider.

While the women were dismissed from the State Attorney’s Office, they will not be prosecuted, thanks to a lack of available evidence. While recreational marijuana use is legal in multiple states, including California, it is currently illegal in Louisiana. However, Florida law enforcement has released statements indicating that they will not investigate the incident further. The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, the drug agency where the boyfriend the bride-to-be had after her fiance dumped her works, has stated that they will not be investigating the situation, since the amount of marijuana in question would only constitute a misdemeanor.

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