• Man Shot in Tulsa May Have Been Under The Influence of PCP

    In times of tragedy we take a moment to reflect on social awareness and change. The Black Lives Matter movement has successfully brought the debacle of police department shootings of unarmed black men to the attention of the American mainstream. And this is treacherous and terrifying problem, no doubt. But, for a moment, let’s also […]

  • Why is Cocaine so Casual?

    Cocaine, despite its health implications and highly addictive properties, is an immensely popular and continuously casual drug. There are a myriad of reasons for why the drug is used so callously, so carelessly, and so ubiquitously. Its span throughout the decade of the 1980’s, inaccessibility, and short-lived high all play a role in the completely […]

  • The Excess and Addictions of TV Chef Anthony Bourdain

    Drug addict turned celebrity chef turned TV travel host Anthony Bourdain has led a life of excess and pleasure to which his wide success and acclaim are attributed to. Originally catching the spotlight with his drug-fueled chef’s memoir Kitchen Confidential, Bourdain has since hosted a variety of travel TV shows including No Reservations and Parts […]

  • Who Are The Best Candidates for Residential Rehab?

    When faced with the difficult yet overcomable challenge of drug addiction rehab, it is absolutely imperative that you find the right drug rehab clinic  and addiction recovery program that best fits the overall needs of the situation. To put it simply, whatever will get you sober is what you want to do. At this point, […]

  • Fool Rush In: The Limbaugh Story

    In 1988, radio personality Rush Limbaugh began nationally broadcasting his radio show, a conservative political program featuring his signature blunt commentary on the world as he sees it. During the 90’s, Rush’s popularity continued to accumulate, and two of his books reached the New York Times Bestseller List. However, in the advent of the new […]

  • The 5 Most Addictive Substances in the World

    With a colossal variety of drugs from all around the world, it can be difficult to categorize which substances are the most addictive. Although there are what seems to be dozens of different drugs with varying degrees of addictive qualities,  the most powerful drugs are found right in our backyard. Affluence has created a culture […]

  • Adventure: Rehab’s Newest Addiction Cure

    Over the past few years, the drug addiction and recovery community has seen an uptick in the variety of responses to drug addiction. The newest phenomenon within recovery culture is known as the adventure drug rehab center. These addiction treatment facilities combat drug addiction with another chemical releasing activities, outdoor and extreme sports. The argument […]

  • 5 Things We All Do to Promote Drug Addiction Awareness

    Still, after years of addiction epidemic and millions of drug addicts and alcoholics, treatment for substance abuse is lacking. The stigma of addiction often prevents those who need real, professional help from getting the assistance that they need. Despite the millions of families it affects every year, drug addiction is still tragically misunderstood. The need […]

  • The Various Forms of Heroin

    Heroin has the reputation of being the most addictive drug in the world. Its notoriety has not only lead to an evaluation of our own contemporary heroin epidemic, but to drug markets changing the world in many different ways. Overprescription of synthetic opioids, concentrated chemicals originally found in the opium of the poppy plant, has […]

  • What You Didn’t Know About Quaaludes

    Quaaludes were extremely popular in the 1970’s. Perhaps you could even compare them to the cocaine craze of the 1980’s, but unlike cocaine quaaludes have gone out of style. Originally created in a lab in India, ‘ludes are actually called methaqualone. Quaalude is the name of the brand that popularized the drug as a sleeping […]

  • 5 Reasons to Stop Enabling an Addict

    As a friend, family member, or spouse of a drug addict, it can difficult to avoid enabling them. You want to make sure they are happy, healthy, loved, and appreciated. The only problem is that often drug addicts need to lose everything before they truly and fully commit their lives to sobriety and recovery at […]

  • 7 Reasons People Abuse Substances For The First Time

    There are a variety of reasons people abuse drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances. It is ultimately impossible to narrow down all of the possibilities as to why people try doing drugs, drinking, and taking part in other destructive behaviors. But, below are just some of the reasons why people try indulging in something for […]